Emin Trade with Turkish Marble in Moscow, Russia

Emin Trade attended Mosbuild 2023 that is one of the most important construction fairs from Russia in the capital, Moscow. This year, Emin Trade shared its own production and missions with Russian companies in Mosbuild that is one of the most prestigious fairs worldwide. The information about Turkish marble production was kept informed to participants and visitors from the four corners of the earth being in the first place Russia at the fair is Russia, Moscow between the dates 28-31 March. Russian business people’s relevancies were pretty intense towards Turkish marbles at the fair where Muğla white, Egean silver, and beige colors become prominent. The evaluations of the Emin Trade executives who have also visited the field in Moscow about the Russian market were the following: ”

To notice at every fair where we participate the increasing interest that is to Turkish marble content. We are able to say that Muğla White started to penetrate the Russian market. Leaving with possible collaborations and potential customer agreements from Mosbuild which we participated in in order to find new customers and partners and to bring Turkish marble together with Russian consumers contented us. Emin Trade will continue to disseminate Turkish marble to worldwide.