Muğla White Marble

Muğla White Marble, also known as Ibiza Bianco, is widely used in the world with its white crystal structure. The rich structure of the marble quarries in the Muğla region of Turkey is among the places where Muğla white is supplied by Emin Trade.

It is mined as white block marble from many parts of Muğla white region, especially in Kavaklıdere, Yatağan and Milas districts, and processed meticulously. As Emin Trade, we can supply Mugla white marble in blocks as well as supplying 30X30, 30×60, 60×120 cm dimensions for windowsills, stairs, pediments, tile-type white marbles with a thickness starting from 1.2 cm specifically for your projects. Mugla white is widely used in Orlando, Miami, Florida regions of America. In addition, white marble is widely used in hotel and housing projects in Africa, Senegal, Nigeria, Mali, Ivory, Cameroon, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Egypt. 


Emin Trade is also a supplier in areas such as the airport, villas, residences, hotels, reception areas, meeting rooms in Dubai, Qatar Doha, Egypt Alexandria, Israel Tel Aviv, Saudi Arabia Riyadh with its stylish and elegant structure, which is preferred in bathroom floors and kitchen counters.

In addition, Muğla White slab marble is produced as 2 cm and 3 cm as standard. White marble slabs are delivered to our customers by Emin Trade in all desired dimensions as unprocessed or polished white marble. Emin Trade, which exports white slab marble from Turkey to the whole world, uses the ports of Istanbul and Mersin, especially the Izmir port, for container loading. You can contact us for your white slab marble, sized window sill marble requests