In Turkey, which hosts about 40 percent of the world’s pumice stone reserves, pumice stone is becoming more important every day. The use of pumice is increasing in many sectors, especially in construction, textiles and cosmetics. Domestic and foreign demand for pumice is also constantly increasing. In our country, which has 2.2 billion tons of pumice reserves, pumice stone production first started in 1988. Thanks to the technical opportunities developed over time, the production capacity has increased continuously. Since 2011, pumice stone production in Turkey has gained great momentum. In 2012, the highest figure was reached with 12.2 million tons of pumice production. In 2019, 5.4 million tons of pumice were produced. Currently, Turkey is one of the most important players in pumice exports. Especially the domestic and foreign demand for pumice in and around Nevşehir is constantly increasing. 

Pumice Stone Manufacturers In Turkey

Pumice is one of the most important input items of the construction sector, which is a mine with high heat and sound insulation. Approximately 90 percent of the pumice stone mine in Turkey is used by the construction sector. For this reason, pumice stone producers in Turkey have a critical importance for the construction sector. Many companies operating in the field of mining in our country are active in the production of micronized pumice production. In particular, the high material value of purified pumice leads companies to this area. The second highest share in pumice use in Turkey belongs to the abrasive industry. In this area, pumice is used as a mild abrasive agent. Companies that produce pumice for textile etching have an important position in exports. Among the pumice stone producers in Turkey, there are also various companies serving in areas such as thermal insulation, cosmetics, hydrocarbon cleaning.

Pumice Stone Factory in Turkey 

The most important center in pumice stone production in Turkey is Nevşehir. As a matter of fact, Nevşehir, with its reserve of 1 billion tons, has the most favorable conditions for pumice stone factories. Volcanically active areas are suitable for pumice production. After Nevşehir, Manisa is an important production center with its reserve of 400 million tons. Manisa is followed by Kayseri with a reserve of 136 million tons and Osmaniye with 110 million tons. It is also home to Izmir (80 million tons), Konya (72 million tons) and Bitlis (40 million tons) pumice stone factories. There are many companies that sell pumice to domestic and foreign markets in Turkey. Exporting companies sell pumice to more than 40 countries.

Pumice Stone Price in Turkey 

There are many companies that produce pumice stones in our country. Pumice stone prices vary according to market and competition conditions. Companies that are new to the market and cannot meet the necessary standards are trying to gain a competitive advantage with the sale of cheap puza. However, pumice contrary to quality standards are insufficient to meet the expectations of buyer companies. According to 2020 data, the average price range in pumice stone exports in Turkey is around 55-60 dollars per ton. The cost of the pumice required for the construction of good quality bims blocks is 10 liras. The on-site delivery cost of the pumice used by the textile industry rises to the level of $ 60. The quality of the pumice and the grain size are the most important determinants in prices. Price ranges also vary due to the point of delivery, expiry time and other reasons.

Wholesale Pumice Stone Sales 

Since 90 percent of pumice stone in our country is used by the construction sector, construction companies take the first place in wholesale pumice stone sales. As a matter of fact, when used with filler materials, pumice increases the efficiency in heat and sound insulation by about 50 percent. For this reason, the most important customers of the companies that sell wholesale pumice stones are construction companies. Pumice stone in Turkey is also an important component for the textile industry. The chemical properties of pumice used in the textile field give different qualities to clothing. Especially in denim grinding, pumice has a very important role. For this reason, textile companies are the second of the most important customer groups of companies that sell wholesale pumice stones.

Online Pumice Stone Sale 

Companies that produce pumice stones in Turkey have started to benefit more effectively from online channels in recent years. As a matter of fact, the most important advantage of online channels is that they easily bring the seller and the buyer together. Therefore, you can meet your pumice stone needs by using online channels. As, we keep the quality and safety standards at the highest level in the shopping experience we offer you. You can contact us to experience the shopping experience we offer you with the privilege of