Sundblasting Process of White Marble

Emin Trade White Marble Sandblasting Process – In this article, we will look at marble, which has an important place in both indoor and outdoor architecture, from the framework of “sandblasting process in marble”.

What do you think could be the basis of the sandblasting process applied especially to white marbles? Aesthetics, quality, climate or just a pretty look?

In fact, although all options provide the answer as a whole, the underlying factor in the sandblasting of marble is the climate. Sandblasted marble is generally used in climates where the temperature difference is high. For example, it can often be seen on the exteriors of buildings in countries such as Israel, Morocco, Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Egypt, Palestine.

In addition, it is possible to come across sandblasted marbles in most western and southern African countries such as Senegal, Ghana, Mali, Niger. Another advantage of sandblasting marble in use is that it is long-lasting and does not require maintenance or painting. At the same time, it can be easily applied to the exterior of marble buildings with the anchor made during the white marble sandblasting process.

As Emin Trade, we export sandblasted white marble (Muğla white) with meticulous workmanship and anchoring in accordance with the project. As Emin Trade, we are here to supply our valuable customers with sandblasted white marble, which is preferred for its non-slip feature on building exteriors, bathroom floors and pool sides. For contact, please contact:

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