Aegean Silver Marble

Silver !  Aegean!  Aegean Silver Marble !  How do you want to provide the rich look on the floor coverings of your home? 

Turkish Aegean Silver marble is dazzling with its natural transitions and dynamic pattern structure in gray marbles.  Aegean silver marble is preferred in 2 CM flooring, 3 CM steps and in different sizes in your projects.  As Emin Trade, we highlight the Aegean Silver marble in the gray marble selections of the architects.  As Emin Trade, we export slabs of gray marble to all over the world, especially to Russia, Moscow, Iraq, Morocco, Oman, Senegal, Dakar, and Capetown, South Africa.  You can recognize Aegean Silver Turkish Marble in prestigious architectural hotel, residence, wall applications with Emin Trade’s care.  You can send us your request as 30×30 CM, 30X60 CM, 2 CM-3 CM flooring or slab marble in various sizes.  We would be pleased to welcome you in our marble showroom in Turkey.  For more information and requests,


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