Turkey has always been a bridge between Asia and Europe. It is a bridge over which goodness and beauty, peace and safe trade often cross. As Emin Trade, we continue our existence as one of the foundations of this ancient bridge. We feel our motto “There is trust in its foundation” in every step of all foreign trade operations we carry out. As we are Emin Trade proud to represent our industry with our more than 200 employees in our group companies and our trade volume exceeding millions of dollars. We have various marbles such as “Mugla White”, “Lilac”, “Aegean Silver”, “Beige Marble”, “Turkish Travertine”, which are among the leading names of white marble, in our stocks. In addition, we prepare marble requests from our customers in slab marble, block marble, sized and in accordance with the project. We are strong in Turkish Marble with our many marble types including white, gray and beige colors. As Emin Trade, we are in many parts of the world, including Dubai, England, America, Saudi Arabia Riyadh, Qatar Doha and Russia. As Emin Trade, we aim to provide better quality and on-site service to you, our customers and business partners, with our warehouse and showroom area. You can follow our marble stocks and contact us to order.

Company Philosophy